​About 当サイトについて

​The aim of this website is to introduce the Zen teachings that will effectively enable satori (the realization of Truth) for those who are seeking it.  

It features two realized teachers in Japan, Jisho Matsumoto and Kando Inoue.

This site offers their online & onsite zazenkai (Zen gatherings) with English interpretation, as well as their publications.

This website is administered by an individual volunteer.  

About Kando Inoue

​Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1944, Kando Inoue is a Zen master (teacher) of Soto Zen.  He studied with his father, Gien Inoue (1984-1981), one of the most prominent realized Zen masters in modern Japan. Kando realized Truth (satori) at age 16, and later received inka (master's certification of a disciple's satori) from Gien. Kando has been teaching Zen all his life to monks and laypeople throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Okayama.  He currently resides at Shorinji Temple in Shizuoka, Japan. 


His publications include History of Shorinji Temple (in Japanese only); Lectures on Genjokoan, Shobogenzo (currently in Japanese only, English translation in progress); and Truth, Satori, and Zen Practice (in Japanese only). 










About Jisho Matsumoto

Jisho Matsumoto was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1961.  To find the answers to his burning questions -  what is the truth?  What happens after life? - he tried various forms of meditation and other spiritual practices for many years.  Although he had gained certain experiences and insights, he was never fully satisfied. One day, he encountered a book by Gien Inoue (1984-1981), one of the most prominent realized zen masters in modern Japan, and immediately understood that his teaching will put an end to his quest.  Shortly after, Jisho started to study under Kando Inoue, Gien's son/disciple. Jisho discussed with Kando tirelessly until Jisho mastered how to "sit" corretly in zen practice. He then sat whenever and wherever possible  until one night, with a sound, "what has always been clear (Truth)" became clear to Jisho.  


Today, Jisho resides in Tokyo, and teaches zen in Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto, Japan. He is known for his ability to guide his students effectively with straightforward and precise language in modern context.


Jisho is not a monk and has always had professional jobs alongside his zen practice.  Based on his experience in balancing family, work and zen practice, he offers valuable insights about how to continue zen practice and realize Truth in modern era.

A Message from Jisho:

In my zen gatherings, I aim to support people so that they will lean how to sit correctly as quickly as possible.  After that, all one has to do is to continue sitting. Anyone can realize the truth if one sits.​









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